Be Our Business Partner

If you want to invest equity in us, please stroll down further. This part is for folks looking for us to supply fresh juice to their supermarkets, cafes or any special events.

Honesty & Simplicity

We are simple honest people, so we prefer to work with people like minded. We are here to support one another, so if you share our passion, please contact us.

Long Term Relationship

We don’t do one night stands. Whether you are small or big, we can find away to grow and support one another till death do us part. :)

Our Reputation Is Everything to Us

You can be confident in our quality. We do not skim on the quality ingredients or lower our food safety standards for better margins or any other reason. Trust in us.

Join Our Team

We’re one small happy family. No need to polish the boss’s shoes or worry about backstabbing politics.


We pay our factory staff well above the minimum salary level. Management level staff can expect a very competitive salary package.

Company Culture

We practice a positive company culture. That means we KNOW everyone in the team will do their best. We encourage all levels of staff to contribute idea and suggestions. No one will be left out.





We are a small company built from tears, sweat and blood. We maybe punching above our weight class, but we can surely reach for greater heights with some injection of financial support. We’re a company built with the ability to scale up. If you are happy with what you’ve seen so far in our company, please contact us for a chat. We’ll be most happy to answer any queries that you may have.

Expansion Plans

We’re in an industry with incredible scope for growth. Join us and grow with us.

Profit Isn't Everything

We’ve scared a few potential investors away with that statement. We’ll likely scare a few more. However if you share our vision you’ll still be standing your ground when the crowd has disappeared. Short sighted profit at all cost strategies don’t make great companies. We do not skim on the best ingredients, cut corners in safety standards or pay our staff less than they deserve. If you are still believe in us, let us meet.