Our Story

We are a family owned company committed to bringing you fresh and high quality cold pressed juice. Although we are one of the first cold pressed juice manufacturers in Malaysia, you may not have heard much about us because we have not appeared in any flashy marketing campaigns. Unlike the mega well funded companies, we don’t have unlimited resources. All our energies are channeled into R&D and improving our production methods and systems to bring you the safest and highest quality juice possible. Our mission is to make the highest quality cold pressed juice at a price that is affordable for everyone. If this makes us less profitable than the competitor, so be it. The same quote sent a few potential investors running for the door. In our madness, we have gained the trust and confidence of a number of both large and small corporations who are still carrying our cold pressed juice on their shelves.

  • Product Quality 100%
  • Staff Welfare 100%
  • Customer Satisfaction 100%
  • Business Partner’s Satisfaction 100%