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1. You guys are so quiet. Don’t you guys do any marketing campaigns?

We’ve been running the silent campaign for the longest time. We don’t run flashy campaigns. Instead of spending money on marketing campaigns, we prefer to spend money getting you better quality ingredients.

2. How does your product taste like?

Once you’ve tasted our product, you’ll notice how “SOLID” our juice is compared to the competition. We don’t cut back on the expensive ingredients, we ‘INCREASE’ them! We make the highest quality juice. You have to taste our juice to be truly convinced.

3. The prices for your juice is so… incredible. How do you do it?

The common myth is the higher price the product, the higher the quality. We just wanted to turn that myth UPSIDE DOWN. We put in maximum of the best ingredients, pack them in a bigger 500ml bottle and then price our product lower than most. That just goes against common business practices. We’re nuts…  If you are looking for the highest  value cold pressed juice minus all the marketing mumbo jumbo, we’re the one.

4. How can your product last 5 days?

Besides the magic of cold press juicing, cleanliness plays a big part in product shelf life. If your product facility, equipment and ingredients aren’t really really clean; the juice will never survive 5 days. Bacteria from dirty juice will multiply quickly and spoil the juice. We’ve invested a lot of resources in the best technologies to ensure our production systems meet the highest food safety standards.

5. Is your juice halal?

We are in the process of studying the halal certification process. We not process any meat products, and almost half of our production team are Muslims. We’re not certified yet, but we are working on it.

 6. Do you deliver?

Yes we do. Please contact our customer service at 012 379 0614 for further info.

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