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  • Valencia Oranges

  • Josephine Pineapple

  • Kasturi Lime

  • SWEETNESS 70% 70%
  • SOURNESS 35% 35%
  • BITTERNESS 5% 5%

We developed this recipe in 2017. The goal of this recipe is to blend the sweet and sour taste of citrus with pineapple. We recommend using Valencia orange instead of Navel for better taste. We’ll be coming up with an article very soon to explain the differences between Navel, Valencia and the other types of oranges.

The taste profile will vary according to the time of the year because Valencia oranges is only harvested during the summer months. Therefore, Valencia oranges from different parts of the world will vary in sweetness and tartness.

We recommend using either the Josephine, MD2 or MD3 pineapple because they are the sweetest tastiest pineapples. Taste will however still vary because pineapple size and juicy content will vary during the hot and wet local season.


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